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Skilled Orange County attorney helps clients seeking benefits

The workers’ compensation process in California often frustrates those who are already dealing with physical harm and the financial pressure of missing work. At Parker Law, we have helped guide claimants through the system successfully for more than a decade. Insurers representing employers often try to take advantage of people who are unfamiliar with the system and unaware of their rights. We stand up for injured workers and advise them on the best way to obtain a full recovery. Often this can be accomplished through a lump-sum settlement, which benefits clients by providing relief quickly. However, if a settlement offer is not adequate, we are always prepared to fight for you at a hearing and through the appeals process, if necessary.

Assisting injured workers who require reimbursement for medical costs

California law mandates that employers maintain workers’ compensation insurance for people who are injured on the job or are afflicted with occupational illness. This requires them to pay for all medical costs associated with the condition. Even when the circumstances are clear, it sometimes takes an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to overcome defenses such as:

  • Causation — Insurance carriers may try to shirk their legal obligation by alleging that the employee’s injury or medical condition did not occur at work. We help demonstrate that your affliction is related to your job.
  • Inappropriate medical treatment — California law requires that reasonable medical costs be paid. Insurers may try to allege that the treatment you’re receiving is not properly related to your condition or that you are ignoring doctors’ instructions. At Parker Law, we gather and present the relevant medical information to counter their assertions.
  • Intoxication — While fault is not a feature of workers’ compensation law, an employer can avoid liability for medical costs if it is shown that the worker was drunk or under the influence of drugs at the time of the injury or onset of illness.

At Parker Law, we know the defenses and tactics that employers and insurers use to avoid paying what they owe. From your free initial consultation, we arm you with the knowledge and confidence to fight for full compensation.

Advocating for claimants who are eligible to receive lost wages and salary

If you cannot work due to a job-related injury, California law allows you to collect two-thirds of your average weekly salary up to a maximum of $1,128.43 per week. Though this calculation appears simple, we make sure that all relevant wages are considered so that you and your family have the funds you need to get you through this difficult time.

Pursuing compensation for permanent disability claims

Once your doctor establishes that you have reached maximum medical improvement, you may still be completely unable to work or limited by a partial disability. If you can no longer work, you will be eligible for permanent total disability, which provides lifetime benefits. Injuries that hinder your performance on the job are subject to a medical review in which the severity of your disability is assigned a percentage that helps set the rate of your payments. This can be a complicated and subjective determination, so if you have permanent physical problems, we will advocate strongly for a fair permanent disability payment amount.

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